A Child's Touch was featured recently on a KUTV broadcast, in a short 'Fresh Idea' segment.

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Sep 27, 2006 2:49 pm US/Mountain
Fresh Idea: Lasting Impressions

(KUTV) Do remember the size of your little babies hand when they grab your finger for the first time? Michelle King shows us a unique way to preserve those tiny memories in this Fresh Idea.

Watching your young ones grow up so fast can tug on your heartstrings. Now there's a way to remember those little fingers and toes because before they're all grown up.

"This is a fun one. This was two brothers Chance and Carter. She wanted to do their little feet," said Shelby West of A Child's Touch.

West is a mother of three beautiful girls. She wanted to cherish the memories of her little girls, even after they grow up.

"This really gives you the opportunity to really capture that time when they were that small or that big. Just enjoy that and hold onto it a little bit longer," she said.

Soon West and her partner started A Child's Touch. They take hand and feet impressions of people's children, babies and even pets.

"We do dogs. We've also done a couple cats but they don't like it as much,"

She also does many adults impressions of grandparents and moms and dads. The bigger hands have different wrinkles than a baby that tell a unique story along side of their wedding band impression.

The partners of A Child's Touch can perform these services at two different locations or they can make special arrangements to come to you.

Depending on what size of an impression you want and how many people you want to include... A clay impression will run you anywhere between $20 and $40.

For more information visit their web site at www.childstouch.com.

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