About Us

Our company was started in 2001. Since that time we have done thousands of impressions of babies, children, families, and generations. We strive perfection in every handprint and are constantly working on improving the quality of our products and methods to give you the best possible print.

Shelby is from California and has a wonderful husband and three little girls. She has always had good business sense, and is wonderful with clients and their children. I don't think anyone loves to hold a little baby as much as she does, and she enjoys completely helping you preserve the memories of your child.

Sherry grew up here in Utah and joined the business as our pottery guru. She knows all things clay, kilns, and pottery. She and her husband have four kids and loves this job because she can do most of it in her pajamas, at home. With 20 years of experience in the field of pottery she has what it takes to make sure that your childs impressions will be something you will treasure forever.

We promise to make sure that your experience with us will be an enjoyable one. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we will do whatever we can to work with your schedule and needs.