Questions and Answers

Q: How long does it take to have my child's impressions done?
A: About twenty minutes... depending on how many you are doing.

Q: How long until my handprints will be ready?
A: Impressions making is not a quick process. The prints have to dry, be fired, glazed and fired again so it takes about a month for them to be finished.

Q: Will it hurt my baby?
A: No, your baby will not be hurt in any way. Many babies do cry when their impressions are being taken simply because the clay is cold.

Q: How will I get my handprint back?
A: We mail your impression directly to your home so you don't have to drive down to pick it back up. We know your time is precious and you'd rather spend time with your baby than in the car.

Q: My child is older. How old is too old to get handprints done?
A: We have done impressions on children 3 hours old to grandparents in their 90's. No one is too big to have their impression done. Plus they are only going to get bigger!

Q: I have several children. Can I do them on one plaque?
A: Yes you can do up to six kids on a single plaque (depending on size of kids).

Q: We don't have something like this in our hometown. Do you train people to do this?
A: Yes we do!! Go to for more information.