Pottery Hand and Foot Impressions

Those tiny hands and feet! They are the first things that fascinate us about our new baby. The itty-bitty toes, the hands that can barely reach around our finger. But all too soon our children grow up and that part of our lives is gone forever. With our pottery impression plaques, you can preserve this moment forever. Whether your precious child is five days old, or five years young, their tiny hands and feet will only get bigger with time. So contact us now, to capture this moment in your child’s life forever.

Our special process captures your child’s hands and feet right down to the smallest detail and precious tiny wrinkle. Although we frequently create prints of newborn babies tiny little hands and feet, we have product lines for older children, siblings, family sets, and even generations.

Our beautiful ceramic plaques are heirloom quality impressions you will cherish for a lifetime. They come in shapes and colors to complement your home decor, and they make wonderful gifts for grandparents too.

Call Shelby West at (801) 836-3242 to preserve sweet memories of your little one today.

Best Wishes,
Shelby West and Sherry Hardy

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